It is our 15th Wedding Anniversary on the 24 February 2016. I wrote this for Grant just before we married because he asked me to change my surname. I read it at our wedding.

We each have our own understandings and our own truths that we take for granted and this is what makes each of us unique and special.

This idea appeases me as I often find myself with such clear ideas – that are truths for me – yet socially perhaps left of centre. And so it is with my surname.

It is my birthright and has marked my passage of life thus far. It is the flag that has flown on all my encounters and escapades. It is the flag that I have set my sights on when challenging my values and ideals in this world. It is the flag by which others have identified me on my journey and the flag that the castle of my home has flown until now.

I am proud of my name; of what it stands for and for how it has shaped my life. I have been honoured to have my father’s , my parent’s name, my blood’s insignia, thus far in my life.
I never thought to change it, never felt the compulsion nor seen the need.

And now… now I find myself embarking on a completely new journey. One of celebration, the celebration of the discovery of my soul-mate and the deeper discovery of myself – because it is in Grant’s love that I am able to celebrate a whole new world – one that has illuminated love and hope and happiness and presented the meaning of family in a whole new light.

I am honoured to have Grant’s love and honour him with mine. It is with complete trust and with a respect that extends beyond my ability to express it that I love Grant, and it is with the beauty of faith and hope that I bind to him to begin a new family: An extension of both the families from whence we come – and it is a tribute to the roots and wings that each of our families have afforded us.

I choose to walk beside Grant through this life and as his partner, friend and lover, I glow in the knowledge that taking his name signifies the beginning of this new era.

I pray our children will feel as strongly about what their name signifies as we
have about ours’.



I bind with Grant and take his name in full hope and trust of the love we share, which feels as if it fills our own private universe