South Africa – my motherland


She nursed me in the cradle of her eastern shores.

She raised me in the grass of her open plains.

She taught me in the arms of her black nannies.


She spoilt me with sunsets and dawns, magnificent.

She led me through animals and guns.

She kept me safe in black hands and white arms.

She set me free in three languages, each one my own.


She soothed me with song

and betrayed me with politics.

She loved me with wide open spaces

and punished me with parody.

She chased me with violence.


Her political apron had me tethered,

her skirts shrouding injustice had me guilty.

Now her corrupted breasts hang dry

and she can no longer nurture me with hope.


I left my motherland, umbilical severed.

She left me branded with rhythm in my soul

and an aching in my heart,

forever a gypsy,

another African fatality.

I left her to raise my child on the beaches of another.


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