written in 2008 – in memory of my Grandmother









Standing in the rain I feel the drops icing my skin like a delicious birthday cake.

My Gran’s hand knots around mine and her gardener’s callouses reassure me of her power.

We stand together in our pyjamas.

We stand on the front lawn, next to the umbrella tree.

Eyes closed and face typed on in wet morse code I smell the earth, a fragrance like a shout, the ground laughs up in the scent of loam.

I become a kinetic statue. My body resonates in joy with ribbons of water flying off my nose, my fingertips, my hair.

And so I understand my matriarch.

This is how Gran shows me what she knows and who she is.

She stands with me in the storm and teaches me courage.

Standing in the rain is what I do now when I need to learn more, feel more, understand more.

And now it feels like Gran is in the rain.

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