Blue, green, turquoise, aqua and brown.

Holidays and homelands, happiness and heartache, water, the ever constant mirror of my life.

Water is the vast sea which stretches out before me, over which I cast out my memories and pull in my daydreams.

Water is my present reality, pouring from the sky, welling up from river beds and surging in from the sea.

Water to swim in, water to live by.

The azure lagoon with ragged headlands, the blue sea with black rocks, the Coral sea with crocodiles.

Water, the language of my life.

The thickened liquid of air that runs its fingers through my hair and braids me in its fluid element.

Water through which my fingers slice, through which my air bubbles, through which my screams are muted and in which I am weightless and free.

Water in which I lose and find myself.

Blue through black, inviting, enticing, cold or hot, soothes the vessel in which my spirit is housed


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