PerfectionismPerfectionism is the fuel which fires my self-criticism. It is the unattainable but revered Nirvana, the Holy Grail. If we do not strive for it, why strive at all? It is the top rung of the ladder. I climb it in leaps, always falling to the ground and excuse myself for not reaching Elysium, because, after all , I was nobly “reaching too high”.

Not for me the disciplined stepping stones to perfection. This requires stamina and perseverance . I have dreams and enthusiasm! So noble am I, this failed creature of creating.

Perfectionism: Something to strive for while working for the attainable imperfection of completing one step at a time. A notion not for distraction, but motivation.

Without each brushstroke the Sistine Chapel would not be holy complete!

Written 2008
Perfectionism is the robber of enjoyment. We need to embrace and enjoy the process and learn from each step and then the goal and the attainment of it will be rewarding and satisfying. Otherwise perfection is unattainable.

Written 2014











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