looking for a quiet peace

Pesky words

swarm around my head

swatting at them in vain

i give up

and they settle on me.

so i wear my state of mind


like a wound holding flies.



the welcome mat

broken bones mend

but my pride

was used as a doormat

continuously wiping his feet on my soul

he sullied my essence

Until one day

I quietly

Closed the door



Piece by piece

From under the crack

Pulled my mat






I sat at the foot of the table

of his life

And with dog-like dedication

caught every crumb

of his broken heart.



Medi-evil games

Words joust for supremacy

In the hierarchy of my mind

But it is on horse of pure emotion

That they ride.



Seeing is Believing

If I could turn my face

Inside out

That it was my mind

Which my eyes see

It would be

A better suited vision

Of my reality.




Grace my Daughter

She crept out,

my heart opening like a Lotus flower

and her alighting the Earth,

like a fragile Buddha.




the phone shattered the silence

the silence fell like old socks around her ankles

the greeting smashed her thoughts

like a fist through a window frame

shocking and uninvited

she volleyed the hello

straight back

an opponent

not a friend.




dis – ease 

the silence slid under the door

seeping into her room

like malignant waste

she was alone

and alone was an illness she fought very hard

alone was the infirmary of her cancerous thoughts.


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